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Keep an eye out for great health related topics that will be hosted at Soma Collective Health!  


If you have an idea or suggestion for a workshop OR looking for a space to host your event - email us at


Canadian Red Cross First Aid CPRC/AED & Recertification

When: Wednesdays: Nov 11, Dec 9, Saturday Oct 17

Time: 830am - 430pm

Cost: Contact Cinette for details (or click on Register Now! 


React Right Safety Services is a leading provider of high quality First Aid, CPR, AED, Water Safety and Aquatic Leadership training courses.


Our instructors are committed to facilitating courses that will allow candidates to have an enjoyable learning experience, using training styles that ensure learner retention.

Any questions - please email Cinette @

Bath and Body.png

Bath & Body Workshop with Danielle

When: TBD

Time: 730pm - 9pm

Cost: $25* (see below) 

For this workshop we will be focusing on making some relaxing and rejuvenating Bath and Body Products...sugar scrub, whipped body butter and a relaxing roller.

The Premium Starter Kit has some great options for oils to use in these recipes but it will really just depend on personal preference for this month's goodies.  Bring your favourite Young Living Essential Oils  and choose from some of mine as well, to customize your very own Bath and Body products.

Can't wait to see you all there ~ Danielle


Intro to Mindfulness for Stress Reduction/Management


Time: 2pm - 4pm

Cost: $45 


Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed &/or disconnected daily? Do you need help managing & reducing stress?


Mindfulness for Stress Reduction (MBSR) was created by Professor Jon Kabat-Zinn, whose intention was to use the practice & its principles to help people create a greater sense of awareness, living each moment as fully as possible & non-judgmentally. 


Join me for this “Intro to Mindfulness” Workshop where she discusses some of the biggest myths of Mindfulness, demonstrates some simple, daily awareness exercises that can easily be implemented into our busy lives, & ends with the “Body Scan” Mindfulness relaxation. 


Whether you are new to Mindfulness or you just want to dedicate some time for yourself to learn some helpful ways to reduce stress & build resilience, this is the workshop for you! 


Mindful Mobility Flow - Monday &/or Wednesday nights  (*4 week sessions)


Time: 6pm - 7pm

Cost: $62 for1 night OR $112 for both nights


“Mindful Mobility Flow” is a hybrid of yoga postures, functional movement, subtle strength, mobility drills, & relaxation!  


In this class Kristy incorporates controlled, slow, strong, & mindful movement designed to increase range motion, flexibility, strength, co-ordination, & reduce stress!


If you are looking to build strength, increase mobility & flexibility, mitigate injury, decrease stress or move better though out your day to day activities, than this is the class for you!


All levels of practice are welcome!  

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