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Kristy Pisani

Yoga & Joyful Movement Educator

Exercise vigorously began for me when I was 17 years old.  I had lost a bunch of weight & was convinced that had to maintain this “ideal” image to be accepted.  I used exercise as way to constantly punish myself.  For over a decade I obsessively exercised (always to the point of injury) & created unhealthy habits around exercise & movement which escalated into an on & off eating disorder & severe addiction to exercise. 

At a time of desperation, depression & severe anxiety, I began practicing Yoga. Yoga & I met at the perfect time. I started practicing Yoga in 2005 & have been teaching since 2009. In addition to Yoga, I discovered Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction & diverse science based movement (outside of Yoga). I have studied strength training, developmental movement, functional movement, resistance stretching, controlled articulation, accessible yoga/movement, mobility work, the principals of joyful & intuitive movement & much more that I continue incorporate into my teachings. 

Currently I am an Ambassador for the Global Body Image Movement & sponsored by Superfithero, a body inclusive Fitness Company, & have been Advocating for healthy body image since 2010. 

They’re are so many incredible benefits to moving our body for joy! Here are some of my favourite reasons why I move & why I love teaching movement:

Increased strength, mobility & flexibility. Reduction of  stress, anxiety & nervous system regulation.  Helping people feel capable & confident by improving the quality of their lives.  Helping to improve proprioception (awareness in space) & interoception (going inward & feeling your body from the inside out).  Help mitigate injury & decrease pain sensations.

As a Yoga Teacher/Joyful Movement Educator my goal is to educate you on how to take a more enjoyable approach to movement & to help & support you in being able to continue doing the movement activities that make you happy pain-free & with as little injury and discomfort as possible. Here’s how I try to do this:  


I help yoga & movement adapt to the individuals’ body & needs. 


I create ways that we can add variability & novel movements in an effort to mitigate injury and decrease pain (as best as we can).  


I help my students explore ways to progressively build strength & mobility; working toward specific movement goals that promote confidence and celebration. 


I help my students by creating more of a interoceptive experience focusing on how Movement makes one feel on the inside creating an embodied sense of self.


I educate on ways we can use movement to build bodily appreciation & acceptance for the bodies we are in NOW!


Students and Educators inspire me every day and I cannot wait to move with you!

Questions? Contact me, Kristy directly at or 905.914.1246

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